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You've Never Seen These Lego Jewelry!!!

  • by Jamie Skylark

You know Legos can be built into anything you can imagine. But have you ever thought about using Lego to create jewelry or other fashion items? Don't feel exaggerated or surprised! Sharing some of the Lego jewelry I've seen for you today may give you some inspiration!

Lego jewelry, a wide variety. From cufflinks to earrings to bracelets - Lego fans have created just about everything imaginable! Some of them are created by artists just for their own personal use, but a lot of Lego jewelry is available online, especially on Etsy(similar to eBay, but it favors handmade items).

Most Lego jewelry is simple.Lego's bright colors and interesting shapes enhance the artistic quality of the jewelry. However, there are also some Lego jewelry that are actually quite sophisticated, elevating Lego jewelry to the level of true fashion art and mainstream design.

My favorite Lego jewelry is these Star Wars-themed jewelry created by Crimson King (and they do create a lot of them). Very cool and promote the Force!

In addition, there are richer and more beautiful Lego jewelry. Because if you look at these photos, you'll see that these are some seemingly crazy Lego jewelry! It's hard to imagine what it's like to wear these jewels.

If the fancy necklaces above aren't your thing, there are plenty of simple Lego beads for everyday use. Like a heart-shaped necklace made from just one or two Lego bricks. I want to say that whether you like simple or complex, there is always a style for you!

Of course there are some really cute products like Lego earrings and Lego rings below, which are also really cool!

As you can see, there are plenty of Lego elements to choose from in each jewelry category. You can buy these Lego jewelry from many places, or you can make your own favorite LEGO jewelry!

So what do you think of the Lego jewelry you saw here today? Are there any you like and can't wait to make them yourself? If you have any ideas, please share them below!

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