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You can find the answer to the basic question of brand ambassador here
1、What is an AntiRue brand ambassador?

Simply put, these awesome people help us spread the AntiRue movement, showing their love for the brand while scoring free swag or discounts along the way! Our ambassadors are outgoing individuals who are active in their communities and motivated to make the world a better place.

2、What do you get when you become a brand embassador?

By becoming an ambassador, you'll receive free products and cool perks on a regular basis, you'll be given priority to try our latest products, plus an exclusive referral code that your friends, family, and fans can use to shop on for 15% off. Did we mention that we give you a 10% commission on every sale you make?!

3、Who can become a brand ambassador?

To be an AntiRue Brand Ambassador, you must be active on Instagram or other social platform and over the age of 18. We have no lower limit on the number of your followers, as long as you really like our products, and help to jointly promote the progress of human gender freedom, please contact us as soon as possible.

4、What do you need to do when you become a brand ambassador?

After becoming a brand ambassador, we only require you to complete the minimum monthly social product-related posts; In addition, we regularly organize offline activities around lgbt themes, which you can choose to participate in.

5、How do i get my commission for my sales?

To make Ambassador payments as easy as possible, we pay Ambassador commissions via PayPal, a free service that’s super quick and easy to sign up for. To apply as an Ambassador, you are required to have Paypal to signup. To get started, head to to create your account.In addition, our other basic rights and interests for brand ambassadors will be issued regularly by email every month.

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